GCSE Exams 2019

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Since the beginning of the year, our students have shown determination and resilience in the pursuit of their English and Mathematics GCSEs. With the guidance of our creative tutors Sam (English) and Steph (Maths), students have explored a range of topics including descriptive writing techniques; the analysis of structure in fiction and non-fiction texts; applying ratio to real contexts; converting fractions and percentages; recognising and interpreting graphs; and so much more.

It has been inspiring to observe learners requesting homework and attending intervention and twilight sessions aimed at providing crucial opportunities for revision. We know that they will make themselves proud if these efforts continue!

The timetable for GCSE exams is as follows:

If, as a parent, carer or guardian, you would like to support one of our students at home, Sam and Steph will be available to provide guidance and website links if appropriate. They can be contacted via the Solutions phone number.