New Term, New Team!

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New Term, New Team

This term we welcomed three new tutors to our Motor Vehicle Department: Kieran, Darren and Stuart. They have settled in wonderfully and have ambitious ideas for our garage students!

Currently,a typical dayin Motor Vehicle would involve 60% practical work and 40% theory. In the morning you may spend an hour or so in the classroom learning about the theory behind a repair, and then you move into the garage to really get a feel of the job in hand. Motor Vehicle naturally entailslifting and moving, for example lifting wheels or removing an engine.

To name some of the equipment we have, we have 2 vehicle lifts, a 30 tonne hydraulic press, a spring compressor, a tyre machine, a wheel balancing machine etc. You will be trained to use all of thisequipmentas it isneeded to complete your Level 1 Diploma in Transport Maintenance. The Level 1 Diploma in Transport maintenance will give you a good understanding of vehicles, and will be an excellent qualification to gain to get you into a vehicle technician role!