Parent and Carers' Evening

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On Wednesday 16th May 2018, Trinity Solutions Academy hosted a successful evening for parents and carers! This was a brilliant opportunity to have honest discussions about learner progress in a calm and inviting atmosphere. We displayed innovative projects from the LLDD Business Enterprise group and Motor Vehicle learners and demonstrated how our academy strives for excellence every day.

We even collected feedback from a handful of our kind visitors:

“I am very happy that Liam is at this College, I feel he is safe and happy.”

"I am really impressed on how well you know my son and understand his needs. The staff appear to take a massive interest in the child and want the best for them. Very approachable, preparing them for the world outside of education."

"I think Trinity is really good. The staff are amazing and very helpful {Jess}."

"I am a proud parent to have my daughter in Trinity Solutions as this academy has helped my daughter to be more confident and responsible and enhanced her in skills. Thanks."