Recovery Curriculum In English (so far)

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This term, Trinity Solutions Academy has been embedding elements of the Recovery Curriculum into every session in order to address any student anxieties or gaps in learning developed as a result of the pandemic.

Here is a brief glimpse into Recovery in Jess’ English sessions…

  1. “An Alphabet for 2020”

Entry Level students collaborated to order the letters of the alphabetcorrectly before selecting a word for each letter inspired by 2020. Studentsopenly shared their experiences of lockdown and emotions they had feltduring that time.

2. Diary Entries

Level 1 students used the diary entry format to write about two days of their lockdown experience and practice inserting full stops, commas, question marks and exclamation marks correctly.

3. Stress and Writing to Advise

Level 2 students explored the stress bucket metaphor for factors that stress them out in the workplace, at college, on placement, out with friends or in the house with family. We compared our stressors to stressors for teenagers living in deprived countries, then discussed the implications of stress on an individual in terms of relationships, employment and wellbeing.

The next task involved designing a poster or writing an email to advise their peers on how to manage stress in any context.

4. Newspaper Articles

Students across all levels were encouraged to read a newspaper titled, ‘How teenagers can protect their mental health during covid-19’. We discussed our opinions of the strategies and compared them to students’ personal self-care habits.

It was then up to students to create their own newspaper article, using the organisational features we had uncovered, about wellbeing during a pandemic.