Learner Spotlight: Heena

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Heena joined the Business Administration programme at Trinity Solutions Academy on the 23rd January 2017. An ESOL learner with zero prior experience of education in the UK, Heena was a timid and reluctant participant in lessons. She was, however, polite, conscientious and brimming with potential.

Between January and August last year, Heena undertook a placement on reception at TrinityUpper Site. Its purpose was to nurture Heena’s confidence and empower her to develop her language skills in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment. Mentored by Kylie Loughlin, Heena observed the day-to-day responsibilities of an administration officer in an educational setting. Heena learned how to answer phone calls using the appropriate language, follow security procedures when welcoming visitors, and use a diverse range of equipment safely.

Following a boost to her self-esteem and the successful attainment of her Level 1 Functional Skills English and Entry 3 Functional Skills Maths qualifications, Heena progressed onto a Level 1 Diploma in Business Administration from September 2017. She also transferred to a work placement under the supervision of Vicky Elliott, Head of Programme Delivery.

Since that time, Heena has blossomed into a self-assured and professional adult. She has been an ambassador for Trinity Solutions Academy on multiple occasions, including greeting visitors from the Department for Education and external awarding bodies. Heena has received recognition and praise from senior members of staff across the Multi Academy Trust, as well as from delegates from North-East organisations.

To give you an indication of the impact Heena has had, here are some examples of the feedback she has received from members of Trinity Solutions Academy:

“Heena is a ray of sunshine! She is always happy, polite and helpful. Her enthusiasm for learning is overwhelming.” - Vicky

“Heena has transformed into a confident and stylish young woman. She is the first to volunteer for tasks and she has been a wonderful ambassador for the college. She consistently receives the highest praise from external visitors and senior members of staff. She is fantastic at answering phone calls and helping me with resources for my lessons. I will miss her presence in the office and cannot wait to see where her future takes her.” - Jessica

“It has been lovely to watch Heena grow in confidence as her skills and knowledge of admin work have developed. She is a lovely and helpful young person who should be proud of her achievements.” – Sarah

“Heena is a very polite and respectful young lady. She is a joy to have around the office.” - Karl

“When Heena started, she was shy and not confident in her abilities. Now, she greets everyone with the biggest smile! She is polite, welcoming and so confident. She has worked so hard to achieve her qualifications and we are really proud of her.” - Lynn

Heena is an exemplary learner. Despite having a part-time job and attending various interviews, Heena’s attendance is exceptional and her work ethic is second to none. Furthermore, Heena has worked tremendously hard this year to achieve her Level 1 Diploma in Business Administration. Heena has completed 15 units of the qualification, which covered practical and theoretical aspects of working within the Business Administration sector. These include modules such as Communicating Electronically, Word Processing Software, Supporting Business Meetings, Managing Your Health at Work and Job Opportunities in Business Administration.

We all agree that Heena should be proud of everything that she has accomplished at Trinity Solutions Academy. Next year, Heena will pursue her Level 2 qualification in Business Administration alongside her A-levels. We believe that it is time for her to strive for excellence at another institution where she can challenge herself to move beyond her comfort zone and impress a new set of professionals. We know that Heena will progress onto an exciting and bright future. She will be an asset to any university or employer one day and we wish her the best of luck!