Learner Spotlight: Kirsty

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Learner Spotlight

Kirsty joined the LLDD Bespoke programme at Trinity Solutions Academy in September 2016. Last month, Kirsty secured a supported internship with New Venture. She is currently working part-time at Northumbria University Café. Initially, Kirsty received one-to-one support at her placement but due to her fantastic progress, she is now working independently.

Kirsty visited Solutions yesterday to see her best friend Alfie the reading dog, and had the following to say about her internship…

“I do two days a week in the kitchen and one day learning Maths and English. I travel in on the bus by myself and I’m always on time. The staff show me how to do something, then I get to practice it on my own. I’m really good at chopping potatoes and vegetables now. I get on with all of the staff because they make jokes and are really nice to me. I like preparing meals for everyone so that they don’t have to worry about what they’ll eat for dinner. I made tuna and vegetable pasta for everyone last week. They said that it was tasty. I think I might want to be a chef in the future.”