UXL Visit 2018

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Trinity Solutions Academy’s Pathways to Work programme aims to enhance learners’ knowledge and experience of employment in their chosen sector.

On Friday 23rd February, Miriam and Jess from UXL Newcastle came in to have a talk with a few learners from Business Admin, Teaching Assistant, and Hair and Beauty about apprenticeships. They spoke to learners about their career goals and interests, and asked questions about their courses.

They explained the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship and outlined the laws that govern apprenticeships. For instance, apprenticeships must be for Level 2 qualifications and higher, and are legally required to last a minimum of 12 months and 1 day. They also stated that the average salary for an apprenticeship is £170 a week and 90% of them lead to employment.

Miriam and Jess showed learners how to register on the government apprenticeship website and helped them to save or apply for apprenticeships that could enhance their career prospects.