The national average of post 16 learners to achieve an A to C grade in maths was 35.9% and in English was 29%. In 2016, 100% of Trinity Solutions learners who sat a GCSE mathematics exam achieved a C grade and 67% of learners who sat a GCSE English exam achieved a C grade.

The national average of learners to achieve functional skills qualifications in English is 45%. In 2016, 66% of our learners achieved a functional skills English qualification. The national average for functional skills maths is 28.8% and 54% of our learners achieved a functional skills mathematics qualification.

National average for retention in post 16 setting is 87%. Trinity Solutions Academy achieved 82% last year.

The average success rate is 80.1% nationally. 81% of our learners achieved their core aim and 91% of students achieved a vocational qualification. 20 students progressed onto an apprenticeship and 22 students progressed into a job.