Trinity Academy Farm

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The Trinity Academy farm has become an invaluable resource for our LLDD Bespoke Programme learners. Hosting a diverse range of animals, the farm offers countless opportunities for students to nurture their empathy whilst grooming the animals, maintaining their habitats, and measuring their daily intake of food.

In Winter 2016, the latest additions to the farm were Holly and Daisy: two donkeys who had had very little contact with humans before they arrived at Trinity. During the spring term, our learners have spent time with Holly and Daisy.

One of our learners has prior knowledge and experience of caring for horses, so volunteered to assist Sid, the Facilities Manager, with training the donkeys. Since his weekly sessions have begun, Holly and Daisy have become more comfortable around people. They are now calm when the students groom them and approach people for treats, such as carrots. Our next target is to be able to walk the donkeys around the site with the use of a lead.