Art Madness at the Acorn Learning Centre

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During this term, at the Acorn Learning Centre, our amazing learners have been exploring the wonderful world of art. Some of our learners have been studying Egyptian art. Learners have been working as a team not only improving their drawing and paint skills but also their social and team skills. This project has brought together the learners at the ALC to share their love of art and creating everlasting friendships. The learners have been learning about a vast amount of different types of art from Ancient Egypt, working to improve their skills. By the end of the project, the learners will have made their own Egyptian clay tile. Some of our other learners have been working on their own independent projects in GCSE, studying art cast and exploring nature. Learners have also dived into the wonderful world of junk modelling, using their imaginations and problem-solving skills to create art out of old boxes and t cardboard tubes. Art has played an important role in the lives of our learners this term, helping them to become more confident as well as helping to create a shared learning experience.