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Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust

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Welcome to Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust

Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust which incorporates a Pre-16 Special Converter Academy (Trinity Academy Newcastle), a Post-16 Converter Academy (Trinity Solutions Academy), one private limited company (Trinity Post-16 Solutions Ltd) and more recently a sponsored Academy (Trinity Academy New Bridge).

The Board of Directors are determined to see a high performing and successful Multi-Academy Trust that delivers the very best educational experience for pupils at all stages. The main objective of Trinity Academy Newcastle Multi Academy Trust is to ensure that all of the children and young people in our Academies get the very best education we can possibly provide.

As a Multi Academy Trust we have clear stategic aims which are founded on our mission and values.

Vision Statement

We are determined to strive for excellence in everything we do. In doing so, we know that we change lives on a daily basis. In an environment where "kindness", "honesty" and "calm" are revered, we are "preparing the parents of the future".

Mission Statement

Preparing the Parents of the Future.

Our job is to prepare your child for life. The well-planned curriculum looks at your child as a whole person, preparing them for adulthood, relationships and the possibility that one day they may become a parent. Our aim is to give them knowledge and wisdom to make informed decisions. A key strategy is to promote and develop the Trust and the services we offer to a wider cohort of schools. This means that our Academies can focus on improving Teaching & Learning and delivering educational excellence.

William Curley

Chief Executive Officer

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